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New Construction

Creative Compassion, Inc. (CCI) began with the primary goal of increasing the number of quality homes in Cumberland and surrounding counties.  Today, we pursue this goal by building single family homes, ranging in size from 1100 – 1680 square feet, 3-4 bedrooms.

Our homes are always built with energy efficiency in mind, meaning your new home’s utilities and appliances will cost less to operate.

You don’t need to have your own financing secured before you come to us!  We have multiple loan products we can use to establish how much permanent financing you can afford. With that information, we tell you what size house we can build especially for you and your family.

We will aid you in locating land and we even purchase the land!

When you build with us, we pay up to $2,500 of your closing costs, and if your house appraises for enough, it is even possible to finance closing costs in to the mortgage.

All of this means that a majority of our homeowners move into brand new homes with little-to-no money out of pocket!

Interested in building a modest home? Start by applying for mortgage financing here.

Up to date photos of our latest builds can be found on our Facebook by clicking here.

Mortgage Loans

We can help you obtain a mortgage pre-approval before you begin construction or your search for an existing home with a trusted realtor. 

Pros of Mortgage Pre-Approval:

  • Shows sellers & realtors you are serious about buying a home
  • Gives you a good idea of what you can afford to spend
  • Strengthens your position as a buyer when you make an offer

Banks and other mortgage companies will approve you for however much they possibly can in order to maximize the interest you pay over the life of the loan, to incur larger brokerage fees, and to increase their production numbers. This results in home buyers feeling strapped for cash after their home purchase, unable to build future savings or even go out to eat!

A nonprofit, however, will approve you only up to a certain amount that your income can actually pay for, without you feeling like your house payment takes all of your paycheck. As a nonprofit, we offer competitive interest rates and non-predatory loans.

We offer loan products such as USDA Guaranteed, Rural Development 502, and even have access to FHA, VA, & several conventional loan options.

Requirements for each loan product vary.

Interested in applying?  Start online by clicking here.

Home Repair Payment Assistance

We offer several programs to help homeowners pay for home repairs, both large & small. Available financing may be in the form of a low or no interest loan or a *grant. (*Eligibility for grant assistance or no interest loan can ONLY be determined by turning in a completed application.)

Base requirements include:

  • You or at least 1 applicant must have ownership in the home
  • The repair(s) being requested must be necessary

Interested in applying for this program? Start by clicking here.

**If you are a low-income veteran living in a rural area, you may qualify for an additional type of repair assistance if we have it available. Click here to visit this program’s specific page information and application.

Utility Housing Payment Assistance

We currently help families in Cumberland County, TN, stay up to date on their housing and utility payments up to 2 months. Housing can mean rental and mortgage; utility means electric, water, and gas bills.

Basic requirements include:

  • You must be the person listed as the owner or current renter of the residence
  • You must be the one listed on the utility bill and address must match
  • You must identify a legitimate, limited circumstance that led to you being unable to stay up to date on your bills
  • You must not have received assistance from this program in the last 12 months

Interested in assistance with your housing utility bills? Start by clicking here.