Who We Are

Creative Compassion provides solutions for:

  • Low-income families looking to construct a new home
  • Low-income homeowners needing help paying for home repairs
  • Low-income families looking to be approved for safe mortgage financing (which they can use to build a home through us or buy a home through a realtor of their choice)
  • Anyone facing financial hardship who need help paying their utility, rent, and/or mortgage with available payment assistance.

Creative Compassion was created in 1989 by a preacher and his wife, Michael and Judy Smathers.  Their shared dream was to provide for the physical, right-now needs of Cumberland County and surrounding areas.  Because of the perseverance of the Smathers and all those who have provided support throughout the years, Creative Compassion has helped families and individuals alike with home ownership, home repair, and housing payment assistance.

CCI has stayed true to its mission of helping local residents with housing opportunities, and we are always looking to help many more!

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Creative Compassion Inc.
2023 Board of Directors

Denise Cooper
Creative Board President

Casey Sherrill
Creative Board Vice President

Grant Thurman
Creative Treasurer/

Sarah Halcott
Executive Director

Mike Smathers
CCI Founder


Kim Jordan

Jena DeMars

Savanna Donathan

Caitie Philhower

David Robbins

Kenneth Chadwell
CCI Legal Counsel
Looney, Looney, & Chadwell PLLC


Administrative Documents
As a Tax-Exempt charitable organization, we make returns and exemption applications filed with the IRS available to the public and copies are available upon request. Each document is linked below.  Reasonable copy and postage fees may be collected as allowed by IRS rules. Allow up to 30 days for written requests. To request a paper copy please mail your request to our P.O. Box or visit our office during regular business hours.

Current ByLaws
CURRENT Bylaws Creative 12-2022

IRS Documents
2022 990 final
990 signed Final 2021
Form 990 2020
IRS 501(c)3 Letter

Annual Audits
2022 Final Audit
Audit Final 2021
Final 2020 Audit