What We Do

Creative Compassion, Inc. builds modest single family homes and provides low cost loan packages with purchase assistance subsidies to help low to moderate income families realize the dream of home ownership.

CCI assists families with incomes as low as $15,000 per year and as high as $75,000 per year to become home owners. Our new construction program is aimed at first-time homebuyers, while other programs assist those who have already owned a home.

Home buyers can help keep their costs affordable with “sweat equity” of at least 200 hours during the construction of their new home.

CCI also offers comprehensive homebuyer education and counseling that prepares new homeowners for the financial and other responsibilities that come with owning a home. These and other support services assist families through the purchasing process and enable them to thrive in their new homes.

CCI can potentially build anywhere in the Upper Cumberland Region, for example, on your own land, if acceptable, or on any other land that is suitable.





Homebuyer Education Program

Beginning in the fall of 2013 Creative Compassion began offering pre-purchase Homebuyer Education. This program is available to prospective clients as well as the general public, preparing them for the
exciting and rewarding experience of home ownership.

Utilizing the NeighborWorks® America program, CCI teaches first-time homebuyers the important principles and concepts that will help them through the process of buying a home, as well as maintaining and enjoying their home for years to come. Our Homebuyer Education Program covers important topics such as:

  • Are You Ready to Buy a Home
  • Managing Your Money
  • Understanding Credit
  • Obtaining a Mortgage Loan
  • Shopping for a Home
  • Protecting Your Investment
  • Home Maintenance

We believe this is an invaluable and essential resource for any new homebuyer and we are excited to provide this service to the community. Call 931-456-6654 for more details or a schedule of upcoming classes.