Over half of our projects this year have been wheelchair ramps.
Over half of our Nehemiah Projects this year have been wheelchair ramps.

Creative Compassion, Inc. has 2 emergency repair programs that we use to assist those who ask for help.

Our Nehemiah Project is an on-going program that provides funding to families who are unable to take care of necessary or emergency repairs to their homes. The Carol Peterson Housing Fund is a once-a-year grant for the elderly or those with special needs that also does home repair up to $7,500.00.  Both of these programs enable families to stay in their own homes, when they otherwise may be unable to do so.

By utilizing these programs, this year we have been able to help 17 families total.

The Nehemiah Project

With the money we have to use for this program, we help people to make emergency repairs, up to $1,000.00 on their home by setting them up on a small monthly repayment plan ($15.00 – $25.00), which helps those who cannot necessarily afford to pay for a repair all at once. Here’s how it works:

(1) When people come in needing a repair done to their home, they fill out a short application with some personal information.

(2) They will get 2 separate estimates on what the project will cost to fix, then our Developer, Tony, will make a third and final estimate.

(3) Before work begins, the person/family needing the repair will go ahead and put $50.00 down for the project and we will come to terms on when repayments will begin and what the monthly payment will be set at.

And that is it! Tony will either complete the project himself, or, if he feels it necessary, will find someone to do the work under his supervision.

Carol Peterson Grant

One of 3 porches we repaired using Carol Peterson funds.
One of 3 porches we repaired using Carol Peterson funds.

This is a program that is available once-a-year, every June.  It is for those who are over age 60 or those considered special needs.  With this grant, we can spend up to $7,500.00 on an emergency or necessary repair.  Examples of these types of repairs are:  installing handrails/grab bars, widening doors, replacing fixtures, repairing roofs, plumbing/electrical/septic systems, etc.

If your repair estimates come in at more than $1,000.00, we may decide that the Carol Peterson Grant is your best option.  Here’s how this program works:

(1)  We gather all necessary information needed to begin the paperwork process, such as papers which give proof of age, proof of income, etc.

(2)  A pre-inspection report must be filed on what the estimated cost of the project will be (because it cannot exceed $7,500.00).  Our Developer will provide a cost estimate of the labor and materials.  A licensed inspector will verify this cost estimate.  Once they have agreed on this, the homeowner will agree that the work proposed does need to be completed.

(3)  At the point when we have all information needed to apply for funds, we are allowed to apply on June 1st when the program opens.  We usually know within 1 week if we have received the funds to do the projects.

(4)  If we receive funding, we will begin the project as soon as possible.

Creative Compassion is passionate about helping those who come to us.  We strive to offer the most efficient plan of help that will work best for you.  If you feel you need a repair completed on your house, please call us today at (931) 456-6654.